About the artist Rick Lawrence.

Rick Lawrence brings to life a wonderful scene with the attention to detail and painting skill that have made him one of the most popular artists of Hawaii. His work invites the viewer to be more aware of nature and the beauty that it truly holds.

Lawrence, a natural environmentalist, was born in Boston and raised in California. He attended grade and high school in San Andreas, and Delta Junior College. Already showing a talent and interest in the arts and crafts, he attended the California College of Art.

His interest was photography. Complexity in the cause and effect of light inspired him to enroll in the Nikon School of photography in New York.

In the midst of his well-rounded education in the arts, Vietnam called. Lawrence spent four years as an officer in the army, and then used the G.I. bill to finish college with a degree in geology.

Lawrence's father, a sheriff, spent his free time mining gold in the family gold mine. His mother ran the family owned jewelry shop, which handled pieces worked from their mine. Lawrence, feeling a need to contribute, sought training under the acclaimed gold-smith, Loni Cox. Soon he was able to cast and construct gold and, silver into jewelry. When soap stone was discovered in the mine, he tried his hand at carving.

Thirteen thousand sculptures later, his carvings adorn the homes of such celebrities as Sylvester Stallone, Dan Ackroyd, Carol Burnett, Jim Nabors, John Hillerman, as well as international companies such as the Intercontinental Hotels, the Maui Prince, United Air Lines, and the Sebu World Corporation.

His success in sculpture culminated in a successful grand tour of Europe, the Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. Herb Caen of the San Fancisco Chronicle dubbed Lawrence... "The Michealangelo of the Sierra's."

In 1984, the ever searching artist turned to painting and became a student of George Sumner. He began to experiment with color. He now mixes and paints with 192 colors using the Back-lit style of painting as his preference. The required multiple layers of glazing imparts a natural vibrant energy to his paintings which enhance homes, hotels and establishments worldwide.

H.W. Beeches, a famous clergyman of the late 1800's said "Every artist dips his brush into his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures."

Lawrence paints with a desire to make others aware of the delicate balance of nature. He creates a personal testament of his love for Hawaii with each stroke of his brush.

Lawrence said ... "I want to be known as the artist who captured the beauty and color of Hawaii on canvas so it will be enjoyed from generation to generation."